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Our Courses

Arts Lesson

Class time: 9:00am - 10am

Art and craft lessons are organized for the students that teach them new and creative origamis and drawings. Students learn different ways of drawing and paintings in these lessons./p>

Language Lesson

Class time: 9:00am - 10am

We have proper command on both English as well as the Hindi language. In our academy, we not only adhere to the English language but also take proper care of our mother tongue Hindi and teach students with all the good values.

Music Lesson

Class time: 9:00am - 10am

Students are also taught music in our academy. We have specialized teachers for these lessons. Students interested in music can enhance their vocals and learn more.

Sports Lesson

Class time: 9:00am - 10am

Sport is also the most important part of our life. Our sports teacher helps students with various tactics and different techniques of playing. We have various sports that refresh students mind and keep them fit and healthy.